Room Meetings

Periodically SOCVR has room-wide meetings where we discuss room policies and behavior.

Anyone can propose new topics to be discussed by creating an issue in the GitHub SOCVR Room Meeting Topics repository. The issues will be labeled with suggested-topic. Anyone interested is invited to comment and vote (GitHub emoji responses) on the topics. Doing so helps everyone prepare for the meeting, and allows people to share and discuss their views over a longer period of time than is available in the actual meeting.

When there are enough topics, the Room Owner (RO) team will announce a new date for a room meeting. The topics that will be on the agenda get labeled with the actual room meeting, like room-meeting-2017-01.

The meeting will be held in the room SOCVR Room Meetings. That room will be unlocked 30 minutes before the start of the meeting. You do not need to request access. Please don't request access, as doing so will just annoy all the ROs, all of whom are notified for each access request.

Meetings are scheduled to last one hour. That time is split between all topics, with a each topic given an equal maximum amount of time for discussion. If resolution is reached on a topic prior to the maximum time, then we will move on to the next topic.

During the meeting

After the meeting

After the meeting, the discussion on each topic is summarized, including any conclusions. The summary and conclusions are published on a page linked below, which is identified by the year and month in which the meeting took place.

Resolutions and transcripts from previous meetings: