Room Owner Nominations

Our chat room periodically looks for new Room Owners.

We use an "application/interview" style for new Room Owners. The workflow works like this:

  1. The RO team announces the expansion of the RO team
  2. Chat members write up a Github Gist of their nomination. This must be written by the person running for the position.
  3. Anyone is free to write comments on the nominations to provide feedback and ask questions.
  4. When nominations close (usually a week later) the RO team will evaluate the nominations and choose a winner.

This page contains links to the different nominations to join the Room Owner team on SOCVR. Nominations are ordered by their nomination time, oldest first.

Humorous example nomination.

April 2019

August 2018

November 2017

October 2016

March 2016

January 2016

December 2015